Journey with us beyond the horizon!

Immerse in beautiful and heart-wrenching fantasy universes.

Success partners

We've teamed up with incredible mentors and forged valuable partnerships that expanded horizons, and ignited our passion for creating memorable gaming experiences.

Who is Starvania?

Starvania is an indie game development studio based in Saudi Arabia. We are dedicated in our quest to create high-quality fantasy universes that our audience will be inspired and uplifted by.

Meet the stellar team!

Meaad Aflah

Muslih Alzahrani
Creative Director

Salman Bakedo
Digital Marketer

Ahmad Majdoubi
Design Lead

Mashael Al-khilfah
Art Director

Manuel Al Haddad
Tech Lead

Rafif Kalantan
Narrative Designer

Ghadeer Nemer
2D Artist

Latifah Alsaidi

Life at Starvania

In Starvania, we embrace a remote work culture that prioritizes
comfort, freedom, and creativity. No cubicles or suits here,
cultivating strong bonds and exploring a universe of possibilities.
Our inclusive, accepting, and innovative workplace awaits beyond the horizon!

Discover a once-thriving ocean.

Welcome to the Mystical World of Bahamut

Bahamut is an immersive 2D Adventure narrative driven game inspired by Arabian mythology. Submerge yourself in a captivating Underwater realm, explore the various areas of the cosmic sea, purify corrupted creatures, and unlock the secrets of an ancient mystery.

The next game by Starvania

A 2D Adventure narrative driven game inspired by Arabian mythology. Discover a once-thriving ocean, now tainted by enigmatic dark forces. Your quest: decipher the mystery and rekindle the ocean's radiant light

Past projects

Blood Moon


A Platform adventure game where a ninja is
getting revenge for the deaths of his family.

Hot Hot Potato!


Juggle the potato as fast as you can before the
radio breaks, otherwise, your hands will be burned!

Lights Out


Ghosts live in the dark. Navigate the darkness,
extinguish lights, and evade waking humans.

Koka Potions

Puzzle, Crafting

Blend matching ingredients to craft potions
for speedy service to sick customers.


Arcade, Action

Cooperate, carry Kabsa plate, avoid obstacles,
reach the Azooma swiftly!

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